Welcome to greenmanga!

Hi, I’m Vicky.

I was born and grew up in the Philippines and now live in Vancouver, Canada. I have learned cooking since I was young.  My Mom and siblings taught me to cook different Filipino dishes/recipes. I love trying different foods then make them my own – I experiment with different, healthier ingredients for example and create my own versions.  My husband and I love to travel and try different local foods in Asia and North America. 

No matter how much we travel and try new food, we always love homemade food. Also, I really enjoy cooking and trying new things. Traveling to new places and discovering new foods always makes me want to come back home and try making them myself.

I and my husband traveled to India and tried a lot of local foods like chili paneer, dosa, etc. we traveled to Thailand where I had the best Tom yum soup and pad Thai. We had a family vacation in Myanmar visited cultural and historical sites and tried various Burmese dishes. We lived in Hong Kong for a while and tried many of the local foods (eggs with okra anyone?). We also explored Singapore and got some awesome ideas for spicy dishes.

I have made this site to share my knowledge and my own version of healthy and delicious homemade food that everyone can enjoy. This site is composed of Asian and western recipes. I keep trying new things and will continue sharing on this page.